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Supporting Inside Sales Teams in their Continued Pursuit of Excellence

Supporting inside sales teams in their continued pursuit of excellence

The Art of The Sales Play

A Sales Play is an outbound series of sales activities, designed to turn a prospect into a genuine selling opportunity. Think of it like a plan of attack, targeting prospective buyers in a direct, structured way, leveraging sales enablement resources, strategies, KPIs, tonality, buyer personas and ideal customer profiles. For inbound calls or buyer enquiries, we create Sales Motions. These are a perfectly balanced series of conversational activities, designed to increase inbound conversions and customer satisfaction rates for rich, memorable and engaging interactions.
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An Inside Sales Team

An inside sales team is a department of sales professionals who are based in-house, as opposed to a traditional field salesperson who is out on the road. There are two types of inside sales teams: outbound & inbound.

An outbound sales team traditionally makes outbound activities such as calls, emails and social messages in order to capture a prospect’s attention, engage them in discussion, and then either directly sell a product /service, or arrange a meeting for a field seller to follow up. 

An inbound sales team takes inbound enquiries (phone calls, form submissions, live chat, etc.) and qualifies them before directing it onwards to the best placed, most appropriate seller, as quickly as possible.

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