10-Point Inspection

A detailed health check to maximize the investments you’ve made in your sales engagement platform.

The Sales Engagement 10-Point Health Check Inspection is our way of benchmarking your existing sales engagement platform. We will review the functionality usage and your buyer engagement strategy. It’s time to leverage the investments you’ve made in sales engagement, and unlock the productivity of your sales teams.

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More About the 10-Point Inspection

The value lies in how you score. As we go through and inspect your engagement platform: the process, the people, and the technology. We will be able to show you a detailed scorecard across 10 different categories and compare your benchmark against best practice players in the industry.

If you are looking to transform your business in 2020, it’s best to know where to start, and where you are today, to know where to head into the future to prove the ROI on your investments.

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