Top 5 Engagement Techniques for Account Based Marketing

March 10, 2016

There has been a lot of talk lately about “Account Based Marketing,” a new term for an old school approach.

At InsideOut, we firmly believe that a strong account based marketing strategy is composed of an outbound sales machine and engagement marketing techniques. This combination stimulates the opportunity for sales professionals to partake in relevant conversations with target decision makers at strategic accounts.

The stimulation ignited by engagement marketing techniques is critical to ensuring successful account based marketing. After identifying and verifying the right account and the right decision maker, it is time for organic communication. The decision maker will be keen to engage on the basis that he or she is receiving relevant content. To ensure that the engagement remains organic, it is imperative to implement responsive technology in order to track prospect responses. Keep in mind that without this technology, you may have to enlist an FBI agent to track your emails.

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To target and engage accounts successfully, we have developed the following top 5 engagement marketing rules. Implement them internally to enhance your account based marketing strategy.

1. Engage with your account and prospects as individuals.

Through your prospecting efforts, you have gathered intel on the company and the person you are targeting. You must use this intel to engage at an individual level. Demonstrate to the prospect that you know where they have been, what they have liked, who they know, and how you are connected to initiate an immediate relationship.

2. Engage with your target account prospects based on what they do.

After grasping your prospect’s attention through personalized conversation, take the next step by customizing your messaging based on his or her role and industry. Doing so will help you gain an advantage when he or she goes to review the content you will send. If you approach your prospect with a one size fits all game plan, you will destroy your potential to engage.

3. Engage with your target account prospects continuously over time.

If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again. In fact, you will need to try up to 8 times to generate the engaged response you are looking to accomplish. Knowing that you may be running a marathon instead of a sprint, craft your content based on how your target account or your prospect will change over time. There is no doubt that throughout your journey together, your prospect will be on the move constantly shifting his or her attention, so you must shift your messaging.

4. Engage with your target account prospects to drive a specific outcome.

Your ideal outcome is a real-time conversation, right? If not, you’re in the wrong business. To generate such an opportunity from an email or landing page engagement, you will need to enable tracking on each message to ensure that when he or she clicks, you call. If you can connect with the prospect within 5 minutes of content engagement, you will get an 85% connect rate – 4X the industry average. It is important to remember that you are developing a relationship with the prospect, so be organic. Don’t call them every time they click; pick and choose the right moments.

5. Engage with your target account prospects anywhere they choose.

The engage-anywhere approach has two key components. The first may be obvious, but providing your content on both mobile and desktop is critical to content engagement. The second, and more crucial, is being available on various channels, including email, chat, phone, and social media. You must be prepared and adaptable in your approach to ensure that you are available to engage on any channel at any time. You spent the time coaxing your prospect to respond; don’t waste the opportunity to connect. ­­­­­­Engagement-Marketing-2