Frequently Asked Questions

To get a better understanding of how we operate, check out some of the questions we most frequently encounter. If you are curious about something else, just submit your inquiry, and we will get you an answer!

Within our standard offering, we have our clients live between 10 – 20 business days.

Absolutely, as an innovation lab, our clients like to test, measure, and learn before they go into full production with their prospect, lead or sales optimization programs.

Yes, our client marketing team builds the emails, LinkedIn messages, landing pages, LinkedIn Posts, develops benchmark surveys, and builds a content library of useful statistics and 3rd party content to enable our Accelerators to stay active socially, blending the content into the buyer journey.

All we need for an account based sales development program is a description of your ideal customer profile and your buyer persona. We will select and profile the right accounts, verify your decision makers, and commence the prospecting and engagement process.

Yes, we have a standard set of curriculum based on our playbooks. These standard courses are customized to meet our client’s product or service offering but follow the same discipline that we successfully utilize within our innovation lab.

Yes, our lab analysts regularly visit our clients to engage directly with our clients' SDR / ISR internal teams to help them deploy the innovation lab philosophy and architecture to optimize how they generate prospects, leads, or sales.