Our CXO Benchmark Study provides key figures derived from our participants about lead sources, go-to-market strategies, technologies, and initiatives that will help transform and innovate your organization's approach to B2B sales.

Here are a few of our favorite findings!

Best Practices
“The part that makes implementation most challenging is that these trends are the buzz words in the industry, so everyone tries to implement them, without a sophisticated plan.”
Jake Reni
“You have to have a video collaboration tool, and you must use it.”
Mario M. Martinez Jr.
“It's not just about picking up the phone; it's about having a program dedicated to the prospecting effort.”
Lori Harmon
“You could have the best content in the world, but if you don't know how to distribute it, it's worthless.”
Dale Zwizinski

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72% of organizations have a team in place to implement trends, yet only 60% are determining and deploying new social selling and prospecting techniques.

Only 16% of teams are running best practices. Our study reveals that these are the teams that are incorporating current trends in their go-to-market strategies.

87% of organizations experience technology challenges, with the biggest issue being agents who forget to follow the rules and the playbooks.

Smarter Outreach. Better Results.

What Can I Expect?

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In collaboration with hundreds of C-Level Executives, our team of research analysts compiled data, analyzed figures, and produced this comprehensive report that reflects the trends, applications, challenges, and best practices in the B2B industry.

Functional Organization

Though the majority of our participants are in Sales roles (51%), we have representation from a variety of functional organizations including: Finance, Human Resources (HR), Marketing, Operations, Product Leadership, Sales, Strategy, Technology, and Other.

Regardless of the fact that the majority of partcipants make most or all of the decisions, they still experience hindrances. Budget was one of the top roadblocks; the majority of participants feel like their budgets are not optimized for their goals.

“You need to be proactive and purposeful about outsourcing."
Josh Evans
"Have your top reps become unofficially part of the enablement team.”
Brent Holloway
“Not a lot of people like cold calling. It's just a necessary evil of the sales industry.”
Jordan Barta
“At the end of the day, a real person is going to have to talk to a real person."
Shawn Elledge
“Having the right technology, understanding your customer, determining the right messaging, and knowing the best times & frequency to call, all play a role in enabling an effective approach.”
Mary Donato