5 Key B2B Data Types Your SDRs Need to Excel

5 Key B2B Data Types Your SDRs Need to Excel

5 Key B2B Data Types Your SDRs Need to Excel

As an inside sales leader, you already know how critical the SDR role is in winning sales. An SDR is usually tasked with prospecting, outreach, moving leads through the sales pipeline, and lead qualification. Everything that an SDR does needs the backing of accurate, verified, and clean B2B data.

By 2025, 60% of B2B sales organizations will transition from intuition-based and experience-based selling to data-driven selling, according to Gartner. Without B2B data, it is a challenge for SDRs to reach their goals and targets. Data adds value to your existing B2B sales database or CRM, creates richer contact profiles, accelerates sales, offers sales triggers, and so much more to help SDRs.

If you want your SDRs to excel and empower them to achieve more sales success, equip them with top-quality B2B data. Here are the five most important types of B2B data your SDRs need to start using right now:

We’ll explore the five most important types of B2B data your SDRs need to start using right now.

1. B2B Contact Data 

According to SiriusDecisions, 65% of sales managers agree their sales reps spend too much time on non-sales-related activities. As a sales leader, you can turn this situation around by providing your SDRs with verified B2B contact data. With B2B contact data at their fingertips, your SDRs will be able to directly and quickly reach decision-makers at target accounts to prospect, nurture, or follow up.

One way to enable cost-effective, hassle-free collection of human-verified B2B contact data is to use prospecting intelligence tools like RevDriver. This free Chrome extension will also allow your SDRs to export high-quality B2B contact data to their CRM.


B2B Contact Data

2. B2B Intent Data 

Intent data can be the next best addition to your B2B sales database. Your SDRs can leverage B2B intent data to identify “in-market” prospects, know their purchase intent, and even see what topics they’re researching. B2B intent data also helps gain in-depth insights into the behaviors, pain points, and needs of high-intent prospects.

This helps develop more meaningful sales conversations, personalize outreach efforts, and have intimate knowledge about individual target contacts. Furthermore, B2B intent data alerts you when prospects or customers look for a competitor’s product or research a competitor. This lets you have a leg up on the competition by reaching buyers before your competitor does and by reducing churn.

Did you Know?

Use of B2B Intent data can deliver up to 4X pipeline expansion

3. Firmographic Data 

Firmographics are the “demographics” of companies. They include company information like company size, ARR, geographical presence, SIC code, industry, etc. Your SDRs need to have this crucial piece of information to effectively segment, qualify, score, and prioritize B2B sales leads. Firmographics also help build accurate ICPs and determine whether B2B sales leads are the best match for your buyer persona.

Additionally, firmographic data will empower your SDRs to create customized sales pitches, personalized sales messaging, and assess the readiness and potential value of B2B sales leads. If your SDRs work alongside account-based marketers, firmographics will enable them to identify top-value accounts and reach their decision-makers with a tailored approach.

4. Technographic Data 

Technographics can be another powerful addition to your B2B sales database. They provide a detailed picture of a company’s technology stack. This type of B2B sales data will let your SDRs know which technology a target account is likely to purchase next or how they are using their existing technology. It also gives key input regarding a prospect’s attitude toward specific software as well as their technology challenges and purchasing behavior.

Your SDRs can use all of these insights to determine an account’s “fit” score, reduce lead time, and perform granular audience segmentation. Moreover, they can better align the solution they’re selling with the technology needs or goals of target accounts.

5. Psychographic Data 

Psychographics are essential if you are to create complete, actionable buyer personas. They allow you to profile your target audience beyond general demographics. Your SDRs can use psychographic data to understand the psychological characteristics of prospects, like their lifestyle choices, interests, attitudes, desires, and values.

Psychographic data is a type of B2B sales data that enables SDRs to emotionally connect with influencers and decision-makers. Your SDRs can use psychographics to present the product they’re selling in a way that meets the expectations of prospects. Moreover, psychographics will help your SDRs to know what influences the purchase decision of prospects psychologically.

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How to select the right B2B data partner 

With so many options available, how do you know which B2B data provider to partner with? 

 Here’s a checklist to choose the best B2B data company:

Does the provider offer a free trial or demo version?

Does the provider have the data required to accomplish your specific business goals or tasks?

Can you easily integrate its data platform with your existing go-to-market technology?

Does it use lawful data collection methods? Is it CCPA or GDPR-compliant?

Are data accuracy and coverage according to industry standards?

Does it offer the best pricing and plans among other data providers you’ve considered?

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