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March 25, 2021by insideout

How to get from a pilot program to an enterprise-wide sale.

At InsideOut, one of our top partnerships is with a company called SalesLoft. Recently, several fortune 500 companies have adopted SalesLoft across their entire organization. SalesLoft has become the top player in sales engagement tools. Winning the business of large enterprise companies can be extremely challenging. So how is Salesloft getting these huge clients? I recently sat down with one of their top sales executives to learn how they have been so successful at penetrating the enterprise space.

Kevin Colon is the Executive Vice President of Sales over at SalesLoft. Kevin specializes in building relationships with enterprise-sized companies. Kevin spoke with me at length about his process of working with enterprise companies. For the full conversation, please tune into the podcastLive from the Lab“.


How to get from a pilot program to an enterprise-wide sale.


During our conversation, Kevin shared several very helpful insights:


The 4 P’s of Selling

The 4 P’s of selling are Product, Pricing, Politics, and People. In many cases, there is too much focus on product and pricing. One of the main keys to working with enterprise companies is to really focus on the latter two, people & politics. Take a genuine interest in the people involved and what they have at stake, regardless of whether it means another sale or not.


Seller Beware

Most enterprise customers are highly educated on what they need and what their pain is. They have already done their homework and know what they need. They do not want to be sold. They want partners that will help them execute the plan that they already have in place.


Build a Wall Around an Account

Even a small issue could hurt the relationship in the early stages. It is important when entering a relationship with enterprise companies to identify all the gaps where the project could run into challenges early and have an action plan for tackling those potential pitfalls. The best way to go about this involves a two-pronged approach of focusing on not just account, but the people involved as well. Approach each deal as a partnership more than a vendor-client relationship. Building a wall around an account involves creating a mutual success plan with the client as well as conducting frequent deal reviews.


Understand How Enterprise Companies Think

Whenever enterprise companies evaluate a new project, they must look at the big picture of how it can impact the whole organization. One decision could potentially affect hundreds or even thousands of employees. For this reason, it is important to focus on awareness, adoption, and ownership strategies. How will you help an enterprise educate their whole organization on the initiative? How will you get everyone on board? Who will take ownership of the program’s success?


“It really comes down to users truly adopting, and the biggest part of that is change management.” – Kevin Colon


Kevin went far more in-depth on each of these tips with specific examples of how he has applied them at SalesLoft. Salesloft brings together all the different channels of interaction like email, phone, video, LinkedIn, gifts, and more. With SalesLoft, Companies can codify their best sales processes into “cadences” which are repeatable and scalable workflows.

Here at InsideOut, we recently grew an initial 10-person pilot program to involve over 150 employees at our company. This contract is with a major fortune 500 telecom company. It was not easy, but we were able to leverage SalesLoft’s expertise at growing relationships with enterprise companies.

Sales Engagement SaaS systems are an extremely hot product space right now. To learn more about SalesLoft, sales engagement, and working with enterprise companies, tune into the full interview podcast here: Kevin Colon of SalesLoft on Going Enterprise with Your Strategy by Live From the Lab.



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