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March 30, 2020by insideout

We all know that pitch… You know the one.

The basic pitch.

“Hi! Do you want more business in 2020? At XYZ, we’re committed to helping businesses like yours…”

It’s shallow and uninspired, detached and robotic, and predictable and routine. These basic pitches find their way into our LinkedIn DM’s and spam folders, but with such a low rate of return, why do they continue to dominate the sales conversation? Today we want to discuss how you can help deepen your conversations and prevent boring, #BasicPitches with a few simple strategies to elevate your success.


Embody Compassion

Embodying compassion is a commitment that requires discipline. If your approach doesn’t currently focus on a desire to help others through your product or service, it’s going to come across in your pitch. Remember: You are talking to another person who, just like you, is busy with life’s demands. Make sure you’re asking appropriate and relevant questions as it pertains to your prospect. A sharp eye and a patient ear will help you identify clues to a prospect’s needs and concerns. Position yourself for success by expanding your understanding of what motivates other people and translate this into your pitching process.


Be an Oasis for Others

Decide today that the people who interact with YOU will come away feeling inspired, motivated, or at the least, encouraged by your presence. Does that sound too profound for a sales conversation? I invite you to think back to a positive experience you had with someone during the sales process. In most of my own personal examples, I could have continued the conversation simply because the person brought peace to my hectic day, made the decision-making process easier, or offered me a few pieces of wisdom or laughter. When you make more deposits and fill up the other person’s cup first, you build trust and respect with your prospect. Let your humility shine. Ask them questions about themselves and practice active listening to identify what it is they’re truly trying to resolve.


Be Curious, Not Comfortable

Get out of the comfort zone and open yourself up to new avenues of conversation. Make a point to test your theories, connect the dots, and locate new sources of inspiration regularly.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

Let your creativity inspire your next sales conversation and don’t automatically assume failure. Just because it’s never been done before doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Ask yourself what success looks like in this situation. Even if your idea seems too generous, too risky, or too outlandish – can it really be if you never give it a fair shot? Be open to the results and ready to integrate the findings from your new direction. Taking these risks helps evolve your pitch, your process, and is anything but routine.

We hope these insights help you lay the groundwork for your next winning pitch. Developing these skills take time, patience, and a willingness to improve and change our behavior. Let it challenge you! Don’t be afraid to take risks and be your true, authentic self in a world full of basic pitches.



By Caitlin Moore

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