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June 10, 2021by insideout

Your BuyerDNA refers to how your buyer makes decisions, how they want to be communicated with, and what influences them to buy from you or your business. The BuyerDNA takes your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and Buyer Personas to the next level, replacing them entirely across your sales and marketing organization with more in-depth, data driven insights into your target audience. 

The BuyerDNA is a term originating from revenue leader, and our Chief Customer Officer, Roberto Jusino. Roberto states that “the BuyerDNA attempts to use an insight driven methodology to dig into your ideal customer in more detail. Unlike Buyer Personas, which may rely on opinions and interviews, the BuyerDNA looks at the enormous amount of data sales and marketing leaders have available to them before transforming this into a tangible and actionable asset.”

For you sales and marketing people reading this article, you will be wondering why you should transition to the BuyerDNA methodology as opposed to sticking with your existing ICP or Buyer Personas. Here are the two key reasons: 

Being more data-driven removes unconscious bias and ‘gut feelings’ which may have built up over many years.

When we look at traditional Buyer Personas and ICPs, there tends to be a strong bias towards opinions and past experiences and not an intense focus on the wealth of data that is coming from your target audience and conversations that are being had by your customer and sales teams. In fact, HubSpot defines the Buyer Persona as a “Semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer or target customer.” In reality, there is no need to be “semi-fictional” about this because the gut feeling surrounding your ideal customer stems from opinions that can be backed up by data, whether this be financial or not. 

Now, I’m not suggesting the BuyerDNA needs to be 100% data driven and ignore the opinion of sales and marketing leaders. What Roberto suggests is more of an 80/20 split. You should be using the opinion, gut feeling, and insights of the sales and marketing leaders to point you in the right direction of the most valuable data. Their opinion of the ideal customer is almost always formed as a result of their perception of the customer’s spend, lifetime value, the likelihood they will provide you with referral business, and how high/low maintenance they may be. All of this data is able to be tracked in one way or another and so, the BuyerDNA takes this one step further and validates their gut feelings and opinions inside a data driven lab environment which always provides a continuous feedback loop.

By relying on a continuous feedback loop, with fresh data automatically being plugged in for analysis, the BuyerDNA encourages the continuous iteration required to truly innovate your sales process. Unlike standard Buyer Personas and ICPs, the BuyerDNA philosophy makes it virtually impossible to create a “one and done” profile, allowing messaging and touch patterns to shift as quickly as consumer habits. 

By using more data and less opinion in the creation of your ideal customer profile (ICP), the BuyerDNA methodology removes the “semi-fictional” aspect and allows you to only ever use clean and actionable data which can be easily pulled from existing sources.

You build a framework that moves as quickly as you and your customers do. 

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and have a dynamic business plan in place that promotes change and caters to flexibility. 

Sales leaders have been scratching their heads and continually scrambling to rebuild ICPs and Buyer Personas over the last year to reflect the enormous shift in mentality their buyers have experienced. This is a moving target and these methodologies have proven too slow and cumbersome for leaders who are desperate to find out how the pandemic has changed their buyers habits. 

With the BuyerDNA framework you are primarily focusing on data, which is always being updated by your SDRs and accounts team. The process of pulling this data and cross referencing it can be done monthly or even bi-weekly without the input of sales and marketing leaders who, when times get tough, will NOT have the bandwidth for interviews and questions. What’s more, their perception of how the market has changed will be based on opinion which is also prone to being driven by emotion. This emotional response encourages irrational thinking which is counter productive when rapidly trying to redeploy sales messaging and touch patterns across your organization. 

By leveraging the BuyerDNA framework you are getting regular data-driven insights into how the market is changing for your business and how your perceived target market is responding to this messaging and touch pattern sequence. You can easily and effectively gain reports and insights into what messaging is no longer working and why, in addition to analyzing changes to the profile of your best customers at scale. Ultimately the BuyerDNA methodology allows you to be more streamlined and more accurate in your decision making, always being driven by the most accurate and up-to-date insights. 

Final Thoughts

BuyerDNA takes traditional ICP’s and Buyer Personas to the next level by providing more data-driven insights for your sales and marketing teams. This allows them to tailor their marketing content, sales messaging, and elevator pitches to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. 

What the BuyerDNA methodology enables is a more streamlined and efficient way to identify your target market through a more data-driven and insightful framework. This framework allows you to remove opinions that may be outdated, shift your messaging more efficiently, and ultimately understand your buyers in more advanced ways. 

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