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August 7, 2020by insideout

Close your eyes and imagine this: It’s Super Bowl Sunday (post-covid of course), everyone is shoulder to shoulder for the final minute of the game. Aaron Rodgers (Yes! I’m from Wisconsin!) has everyone together in one last huddle and says:

“OK, I think this play could work. I’ve seen it done once or twice. It seems to work for other people. Let’s hope for the best.”

Let’s be real, he could absolutely pull it off and win the game. I mean it is Aaron Rodgers we’re talking about. But think about the non-Aaron Rodgers’ of the world.

Running a play that you haven’t practiced? That seems crazy, right? How confident would you be implementing a play, when you know the game is on the line, with no proof that it could work well for you?


Sell it like it’s the Super Bowl InsideOut


You mean we shouldn’t just wing it?


Why put so much effort into learning and executing the plays? Results!

Ask any athlete how many hours they spend a week studying their plays. Any coach will tell you they are only going to run the tried and tested plays that they know will work.

Practice makes perfect. And knowing what works for you and what doesn’t, significantly increases your chances of winning, at whatever it is you’re doing. It’s as simple as that.


Are we talking about sports or sales?


Take a second to compare the two. Sports and sales. They both need to involve insight driven decisions and tried and tested solutions in order to reach the end goal of success!

Think about how much easier your touch patterns would be if you had the ability to specifically target your buyer with a step-by-step personalized approach, that’s designed just for them. Think about being able to test what works and what doesn’t in a live sales environment, before you target your biggest prospect.

Think about having access to over 12,000 sales messages that have proven to be successful. It’s like handing the ball to your best player for the winning game shot!


Sell it like it’s the Super Bowl InsideOut Blog

Win the Sales Super Bowl, every time

Instead of being underprepared and hoping for the best, it’s time to make insight driven decisions. No more guessing, no more winging it. No more Hail Mary’s as a last resort.

Set yourself up to win the Super Bowl, every single time.



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