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January 29, 2020by insideout

At its core, a sales sequence is a series of sales activities, which may include emails, calls, or social media interactions, that support your sales teams in creating more meaningful conversations with prospects. An effective sales sequence is critical for your sales team in order to create predictable revenue and to provide a framework that’s scalable for the entire team.

Now, this sounds incredibly simple and powerful, which it is, but only if deployed correctly and most importantly, if personalized. When you speak to any sales or marketing professional, they will talk in great detail about the power of personalized messaging and how personalized emails will get 6 times as many transactions as a generalized email.

Then, in the same breath, they will send out a generic, semi-personalized email that just involves an *insert name here* element. I think most salespeople know that the irony is that, in many cases, this is their idea of a personalized email, but the reality is that a personalized sales message should be much more specific than just a name.


Why do I need to personalize my sales messaging?

In the grand scheme of things, a prospect DOES NOT CARE about the many different features of your product/service, because in reality they only care about the specific features that solve their problems and make their life easier. It is important to engage with a prospect from a personal level and find ways to speak to them about something they actually care about. That will be the only way to ensure they listen.

The ability to identify what specific features your prospect cares about and then your proficiency in selling to them based around these features, are what elevate the best sales professionals from everybody else. Ultimately, if your sales messages aren’t allowing your sales professionals to personalize their offering, you will lower the performance of both the message and the sequence.

This will lead to fewer meaningful conversations taking place between your prospects and your salesperson, which will inevitably cause a reduction in sequence adoption by the team. All of which is going to have a negative impact on your ability to hit your sales targets. Sequences control the capacity of your humans, it is crucial to empower your team with highly curated sales messaging that will make your sequences stronger, in turn making your sales team more productive!

How can I personalize my sales messaging into a sequence?

Below I have outlined some practical ways to begin to personalize your sales messaging and install them into your sequences at scale.

Buyer Persona

At the heart of sales personalization are buyer personas. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer that is made up from historical data and future predictions of your customers. The aim of creating a buyer persona is to understand everything there is to know about the type of person you are trying to sell to. This should include things such as their age, job title, communication preferences, challenges they face within their job/life and most importantly, how you can help them overcome these challenges.


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If you are targeting multiple industries or vertical markets, you will want to construct your sales messaging to reflect your understanding of your target market and their specific use case challenges. Financial services and healthcare may require different value propositions, and conversations unique to their industry that your product or service can solve. Think about those unique value propositions, and ensure you’ve addressed their key concerns in your sales message.


Sales Motion

There are multiple sales motions that need consideration in building out a sales message: new customer acquisition, inbound, outbound, cross sell, up sell, renewal, adoption, demo follow-ups, and hundreds more. Each of your sales messages will require you to address the type of use case, sales motion, and customize your messaging, touch strategies, and media types within your sequence touches.


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Offer customization to your buyer type. Industry and sales motion are a requirement for a successful buyer engagement in your sales messaging. Think about constructing offers using these common rule sets:

  1. An offer is NOT your product or service, don’t offer a free trial, that has no value in the early stages of sales process.
  2. An offer MUST have a tangible result to the prospect or customer, they need to get something out of it, like an ROI calculator, before/after infographic, that can be shared across the internal organization.
  3. An offer must lead them to your value proposition, so if your product or service saves a customer money, make sure your offer is constructed in a way to prove to that customer that you can save them money.


Media Types

One of the most powerful tools you can deploy is video. Through software such as Vidyard there is the potential to send a simply produced custom video to your prospect and the company has reported examples of over 157% increases in open rates as a result. It’s a statistic that cannot be ignored! If you variate your media types with video, LinkedIn, email and phone, you are 2 times more likely to create a successful response in your buyer engagement strategy.


Media Types InsideOut

Key Takeaways

When delivering winning sales messaging, personalization of your sequence is the best option! By fully understanding your prospect and then engaging with them, with their specific requirements in mind, you increase your success chances massively.

Interestingly, a recent study by HubSpot found that 77% of people would rather have specific offers than no offers at all. This proves that the consumer in today’s market still wants to be advertised and sold to directly, just on their terms and about something they are interested in. It’s down to sales to unpick what exactly this may be but once defined and action is taken, you are on to a winner!



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