4 Components of a Scalable Ecosystem

February 10, 2016

To ensure that our team members at InsideOut succeed on personal and collaborative levels, we have pledged to develop a company philosophy, or a company best practice playbook, together. In our third panel, our CRO, Chad Nuss, discussed the importance of growth.

Sales organizations are ecosystems; they are communities of sales professionals working in conjunction with components of their environment, whether that be sales acceleration tools or clients. In any ecosystem, however, the interaction can be smooth, leading to development or the interaction can be disjointed, leading to depletion.

In order to accomplish the seamless growth in an ecosystem, or scalability, there are four key components that must be identified:

(1) Predicament

Our team has found that the predicament that most frequently unites us and motivates us to grow is rejection. Sales professionals meet rejection on a daily basis – the ability to identify when and where rejection, or whatever your predicament may be, is met is the first component to achieving growth.

(2) Clear Purpose

In order to overcome a predicament, it is imperative to have a defined and clear purpose. At InsideOut, we have focused our efforts to cooperatively master objection. Find and establish your purpose within your organization, and you too will reap the benefits of scaling.

(3) Opposition

Nothing worthwhile ever comes without the face of some opposition. The same, naturally, holds true with sales. To understand and appreciate the value of a win, it is imperative to face challenges. Our biggest opposition is often the customer.

(4) Shared Win

Ultimately for us, the end game of scaling is just that, a shared win of growth. We strive to accomplish this by helping each other out, reaching each other up, and just being part of each others’ lives. The necessity for this win to be shared is that in doing so collectively, our well of knowledge multiplies exponentially.

Though recognition is critical, it is even more important to act on the aforementioned insights. Then and only then is it possible to scale an ecosystem at the highest capacity.