Avoiding Failure

February 3, 2016

To ensure that our team members at InsideOut succeed on personal and collaborative levels, we have pledged to develop a company philosophy, or a company best practice playbook, together. In our second panel, lead by our Accelerators Michael Hinojosa, Ellen Bawcom, and Avi Patel we discussed the importance of preparation.

Preparing, mentally and physically, means imagining what might go wrong. It also means imagining how you will react to, cope with, and overcome potential hardship. -Eric Greitens, Resilience

(1) Preparation is the key to overcoming hardship.

(2) Preparation is the key to avoiding failure.

(3) Preparation is the key to achieving success.

As a sales professional, it is absolutely crucial to constantly reflect on the aforementioned statements. Preparation plays a key role in determining whether or not, as a sales professional, you will overcome hardship, you will avoid failure, and you will achieve success.

There are many different approaches to preparation, but regardless of the approach, it is imperative to evaluate how well it is working. The best way to do so for a sales professional is to determine whether or not you know how close you are to earning your commission at any given time. You should always have an accurate understanding of your activity, your achievement, and your quality, to ensure that you not only successful on an individual level but on a team level as well.

After discussing the best practices of preparation, we have established the following top 5 tips to ensuring success:

  1. PLAN your day from start to finish, with numeric goals
  2. SEGMENT your day, with specific tasks scheduled for specific times
  3. Make NOTES throughout each prospect to customer journey
  4. ORGANIZE thoughts, appointments, and next actions on a physical or virtual calendar
  5. Always ANTICIPATE what will happen next in your day

Luck doesn’t exist. Luck is a word to describe when preparation and opportunity meet. -Seneca

Go prepare. Go succeed.