The Innovator’s Guide to Social Selling

December 8, 2015

In this ebook, we deliver the results of our experimentation using the Top 10 Social Selling techniques in our sales acceleration innovation lab. We gathered these tactics through #SStraced, an initiative targeted toward interacting with the Top 10 Social Sellers. During our interactions, we asked each individual to tweet their best social selling advice.

After acquiring these social selling forerunners’ techniques, we interpreted each 140 character snippet. Our analysis demonstrated that we currently operationalize the recommended social selling tactics in our innovation lab.

Consequent to our operational state, we created a benchmark analysis based on our Accelerators’ current practices on our clients’ programs and compared it to the recommendation of each social seller. Each analysis includes a hypothesis of additional impact as well as suggestions for compiling a sales stack to operationalize within your organization.

In this ebook, you will learn the importance of integrating a social selling approach within your organization. Additionally, you will be provided the tools to enable you to do so.

The social selling tactics are benchmarked and evaluated against the following goals:

  1. Impression | Views
  2. Interaction | Prospects
  3. Connection | Leads
  4. Conversion | Sales

Through our initial evaluations and benchmark analyses, you will be equipped with the knowledge to transform your sales process.

Let’s get at it!

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