Lead the Pack

November 1, 2016

Did you know where you source your sales leads has a direct correlation on whether you get the sale or not? Duh, of course you did! But do you know which sources perform the best?

In surveying hundreds of sales and marketing CXOs, InsideOut’s researchers found a fundamental shift in the lead sources away from those traditional lead sources (yes, cold calling is dying a slow death). Yet another signal that the buyer journey has changed, and sales and marketing teams need to adapt their approach and align with new engagement methods. Our Innovation Lab researchers found that Content + Social Marketing, Search Marketing, Appointment Setting, and Paid Online Advertisingwere the top 4 lead sources that CXOs depend on.

In order to successfully drive leads from these top sources, you have to understand how they rank on the complexity scale, and assess the value of their impact on your pipeline. Based on the InsideOut 2016 CXO Benchmark Study, which you NEED to download, we’ve decoded some of the key metrics into an easy to read infographic. You need to know how to leverage your sales and marketing budget to generate the best pipeline results.