Developing an Outbound Sales Machine

March 3, 2016

“You are a weapon. Stay sharp & seek balance.” –Colin Wright

Here at InsideOut, we are strong believers that as a sales professional, you are your greatest weapon. We believe that you need to test your weapon, or yourself, to ensure that you are innovating and finding a perfect balance to deliver optimal results.

Two areas that we find need to be balanced perfectly are inbound marketing strategy and outbound sales strategy, because put simply, OUTBOUND IS NOT DEAD (though the call center may be…).

To revitalize outbound, we have developed an unconventional outbound sales model that has been extremely successful for our clients’ new account acquisition. It is comprised of three categories:

  1. Playbook
  2. Funnel Design
  3. Labor Specialization.


Through testing and innovating, our team builds outbound sales machines for our clients that deliver improved outbound conversion across the entire sales funnel. Our machines are based on our architecture design in the graphic below:
InsideOut Outbound Machine

Implement this playbook internally by identifying the following:
  • Prospecting: List Sourcing, Account Prioritization, Persona Selection
  • Engagement: Pre-Qualification of Persona and Account Profiles
  • Connection: Relevant Content Engagement for Live Conversations
  • Adoption: Interest Qualification for Sales Handoff


After establishing a playbook, we segment the funnel workload to manage our clients’ outbound programs using two distinct funnels. The Prospect Funnel (left) is defined by early stage tactics. The Sales Funnel (right) is defined by later stage tactics.

InsideOut Funnels

Implement funnel management internally by defining the following:
  • Early stage tactics that help target, select, identify, and profile the right accounts and decision makers
  • Later stage tactics that help qualify, engage, and educate targeted decision makers to generate appointment and opportunities


To execute our segmented funnel workload, we deploy our agents, or “accelerators”, at various stages of the funnel. We establish a flexible staffing model (composed of Teleprofilers that validate information through high volumes of activity and Inside Sales that deliver opportunities through meaningful conversations) that allows shifting of resources to achieve success in either the Prospecting Funnel or the Sales Funnel.

InsideOut Staffing Model

Implement a flexible staffing model internally by establishing
  • Two main types of labor specialization and each type’s role.

(1) Begin with a plan, (2) divide the workload, and (3) establish who will execute – in just 3 steps, you will have developed an outbound sales strategy for your organization.