The Outbound Manifesto

April 15, 2016

There are many aspects that contribute to the efficiency of a high powered outbound sales machine, and here at InsideOut, we are constantly trying and adopting new processes and technologies to ensure we remain leaders in sales innovation and acceleration.

Though many of these tactics ebb and flow, we have identified 20 manifestations that are deeply ingrained in our DNA.

Check them out in the graphic below:


  1. Design & Implement an end-to-end playbook
  2. Create custom call flow guides to ensure custom conversations
  3. Develop, document, and train on outbound cadence and timing
  4. Build out persona messaging
  5. Compensation is deliverables plus adoption, activity, and process
  6. Actively participate and engage on social media platforms
  7. Team tactics, not individual tactics
  8. Use research to promote relevance of communication
  9. Determine benchmark processes & conversions before adjustments
  10. Outbound efforts are tightly coordinated with account knowledge
  11. Solidify firmographics before going live
  12. Use consistent qualification requirements to prevent customization of deliverables
  13. Automate outbound activities
  14. Review analytics weekly
  15. Deliver relevant content
  16. Use 5 pre-qualifiers
  17. Prioritize outbound with the segmentation and scoring of target accounts
  18. Set best practice velocity metrics that measure activity, conversion, speed, & deliverables
  19. Utilize technology that provides real-time notifications
  20. Automate profiling of key decision makers to generate pre-qualifiers without making calls

Now you know us at our core…who are you?