Live Sales

Define your baseline.

Every client engagement starts with understanding the baseline facts that undermine high velocity sales teams.

Our lab analysts identify pain points by running a 10-Point Inspection, covering more than 300 individual characteristics of your current sales environment.

After our on-site analysis, our lab will produce an executive readout based on our findings that includes a gap analysis, showing your baseline versus best practice.

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Design your experiments.

During the Health Check, our team gathers hundreds of new ideas directly from your sales, marketing, enablement, finance and customer success teams that require prioritization and focus during the workshop phase.

Our executive leadership will run an on-site workshop to help apply each idea gathered to notable gaps in your current Health Check baseline.

If you don’t have any ideas how to solve a specific problem, don’t worry; these interactive workshops are tailored to ensure every challenge has an associated idea to test.

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Validated Playbook
Academy Cert

Execute the winning formula.

Once the experiments enter the lab environment, our team specifies the optimal tech stack, data, people and process needed to execute, test, and measure each new approach.

This run time operational environment can be altered throughout the testing process via weekly, monthly and quarterly review cycles.

Our operational delivery process ensures that good ideas that are working get the proper quality control and process management, while bad ideas get thrown out fast. 

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Deliver results at every turn.

When a high performing idea is validated by our lab operations team, we begin the process of ensuring that the expected results delivered in the lab can be replicated inside your four walls.

We monitor the performance of each sales play by ‘listening’ to the activities, key performance indicators.

Each sales person that has been through our academy certification training will be closely monitored by our business intelligence and quality analysts.

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