We hope it's clear to you by now that we operate as a Sales Innovation Lab, testing, measuring, and leveraging proven sales techniques and tech stacks to ignite relationships with your target accounts, delivering increased revenue. Naturally, this style of operation is a key component to our process as we establish new programs and maintain existing programs. In addition to this innovative process, we have a specific architecture that drives an unconventional approach. To top it all off, we are constantly in cyclical evaluation to ensure we are functioning, performing, and delivering at optimal levels.


The lab was created for our clients as an evolution from the traditional lead generation and cold call techniques which are rapidly becoming obsolete given the shifts in buyer and prospect habits. We have built an environment that tests, measures, and deploys the right techniques for our clients to optimize their go-to-market playbooks. From Social Selling techniques to Account-Based Marketing to Artificial Intelligence tools, we assist our clients with leveraging the right technologies and the right approach to generate more prospects, more leads, and faster sales cycles.



For each client engagement, we deliver a modular offering that covers the end-to-end buyer journey. Each module within the overall architecture can stand alone as a single tactic or together as an overall go-to-market playbook. Our innovation lab has defined each of step of your customer’s buyer journey with distinct strategies, tactics, technologies, and processes to ensure that we can help you optimize each stage of the funnel. Our clients point the innovation lab to trouble spots in their sales funnels, enabling them to focus time and budget on high impact areas, and see an immediate return on their investment.



Change is the single constant in the world of sales optimization. Our clients' successes are determined by the evaluation of each go-to-market program on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. At the innovation lab, we run a rhythm of business to enable continuous discovery of key program successes and challenges through the evaluation of voice of customer (VOC) and voice of prospect (VOP) exercises. In evaluating these VOC/VOP conversations and engagements, we deliver recommendations on new buyer journey tactics and adjustments in the sales playbook. This constant learning and adaption of program strategies and tactics further enforce our innovation lab culture.