InsideOut sparks transformation within organizations that have trouble doing so themselves

We recognize that your organization, like many of our clients, may not be able to implement new selling techniques for various reasons: funnel disruption, training investment, or lack of executive risk taking. Because of our lab-based environment, we have the ability to evaluate new sales ideas, cutting edge techniques, and unconventional approaches. Leveraging our findings, we implement benchmarks and establish new records to beat.

Given the current speed of the sales world, the teams that invent and innovate will have the highest probability of achieving their goals. If your sales organization is struggling to fight through the complexities of turning an existing sales team into an army of accelerators, allow our innovation lab to spark your transformation.


As sales people, communication methods and tactics define our success (or in some cases our failure) connecting with our potential buyers. Our Sales Innovation Lab tests, measures, and defines the communication tactics that deliver the highest response rates.

Combining social and traditional tactics, we communicate via multiple channels: InMail, LinkedIn Messages, Phone, Email, Comments, Likes, Shares, and Posts. These avenues are under constant inspection and optimization in our lab to engage our clients' buyers at the right time with the right message to optimize conversion rates throughout the entire journey.

InsideOut used unconventional communication tactics to produce unsurpassed results


InsideOut has developed a pre-integrated tech stack for our Accelerators to use in their sales efforts

Though designed to save you time, make you money, and help you accelerate your process, sales technologies are overwhelming the marketplace. With near identical offerings and pricing structures, it is daunting to create a sales stack customized for your organization. To save you the trouble, our Sales Innovation Lab has tested, measured, and benchmarked the best in breed technologies, determining how to integrate the forerunners in a technology stack that outperforms any stack in the industry.

Additionally, we update, replace, and reestablish the standard for optimization on a regular basis, keeping up to speed with all of the best technology vendors in each category. From call automation and Artificial Intelligence to Social Selling and data enhancement, we've got your back to ensure that your program is deploying the best set of tools to help you outperform your competition.