Take 2 & Call Me in the Morning

May 5, 2016

2 Proven Techniques to Enhance Velocity

“You are free choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.”

It should come as no surprise, but sales development representatives’ choices have a huge impact on their results. With the plethora of buzz words and trends currently being idolized across the industry, it comes as no surprise that sales reps are distracted in every way, shape, and form. To top it all off, these guys and gals are in a race against the clock, with a quota that is constantly getting harder to reach.

Regardless of the buzz word or trend, at the end of the day, the choice sales reps face is pretty clear: revert to inorganic old school methods to achieve short term benefits or employ organic social selling methods to generate longer term relationships?

In the moment, it’s certainly a tough choice to make, especially with the notion that the consequences will directly affect your results at the end of the month. Here at InsideOut, we encourage our accelerators to embody a couple of habits that allow them to avoid negative consequences altogether.

(1) Blend Organic & Inorganic Sales Efforts

To implement internally, couple organic social selling methods that gain longer term relationships with inorganic methods designed to capture shorter term lead benefits. There is no reason that these two approaches need to live in exclusivity of one another.

What happens with your content and social awareness campaigns do not generate the relationships you need or the sales appointments you require? What about when you mass blast an email to 1,000 and only yield a 7% open rate? To avoid these pitfalls, ensure that playbooks and sales stacks transcend both models, enabling one to succeed where the other might fail. It’s a surefire process for Account Based Sales Development.

(2) Follow the Prescribed Process with a Proven Sales Stack

After testing over 30 sales accelerations tools and technologies alongside 10 different process flows, we have developed a proven system leveraging 7 sales stack technologies that unifies these dual methodologies (organic & inorganic) to deliver the best customer journey with the highest output. Check it out in the graphic below.


Interested in knowing what the 7 technologies are? Give me a call, and I’ll give you the details…