The Perfect Pendulum

March 7, 2016

To ensure that our team members at InsideOut succeed on personal and collaborative levels, we have pledged to develop a company philosophy, or a company best practice playbook, together. In our sixth panel, lead by our Accelerator Joe Shea, we briefly discussed the importance of helping the customer buy.

Over the past couple of weeks we have discussed that it is important to not only evaluate your customer’s situation but to also pinpoint his or her problem.

Through a series of questions, you can gather the necessary information (via active listening) required to help your customer understand that he or she has a serious issue that needs to be fixed, and your product is the solution to the problem.

This feat must be tackled with extreme focus and flexibility, as you are walking a fine line with regards to asking too many questions. At InsideOut, our sales professionals find a healthy balance between inquiring and listening using the following diagram:

Sales Pendulum

This pendulum is designed to find the perfect point in which you must stop asking questions altogether. Our team has found that the sweet spot is 95% of the time when the customer says, “That sounds good.” This statement opens up the dialogue for an upfront contract, distribution of additional materials, another meeting, etc., and when navigated properly, will end in a close.

If you are not listening carefully while probing the customer with questions, you may miss this statement and will continue your inquiry. In these scenarios, the customer will not trust you as an authority, and you will lose the sale.

So, listen and find balance.

In doing so, you will establish the optimal amount of questions and will hit the sweet spot every time.