ADP Case Study

ADP Case Study

Qualifying inbound enquires in the most effective way while simultaneously protecting ADPs' key sellers and allowing them to rapidly scale teams. 

Optimizing and scaling inbound teams to support a faster path to revenue

Industry: Human Capital Management (HCM)

HQ: Roseland, New Jersey

Target: NAM

Company Overview

ADP provides workplace solutions to simplify lives and change the way the world works. They are a global provider of cloud based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), among other services. They are one of the biggest providers of human resource software solutions and an estimated one out of every six employees in the U.S. receives their paycheck through ADP.

What they wanted to achieve

ADP were looking to establish a new onshore center to answer inbound calls, chats and webforms from prospects and clients. They were looking for a skilled team of Lead Development Specialists (LDRs) to effectively pre-qualify inbound leads and ensure those leads with all the qualifying details were directed to the most appropriate seller within the company. Teams are active from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Friday for coverage across North America (U.S. and Canada).

Inbound forms handled annually
Inbound Calls handled annually
0 %
answered within 20 seconds or less
Qualified prospects passed to key sellers

How did we support ADP and protect their key sellers?

The InsideOut LDR teams – of which there are two: one team of 14 for inbound phone and chat and one team of 12 for inbound webforms – continue to provide specialized skills and knowledge of the Human Capital Management (HCM) sector and ADP’s products and services across a broad array of solutions, including Payroll, Insurance, Health and Benefits, and Retirement Services. 

Inbound Calls

The InsideOut LDR team handles 69,000-plus inbound calls per year on 50-plus Toll Free Numbers (TFNs) of which 95% of those calls are answered within 20 seconds after a caller selects “sales” in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Of those calls that constitute qualified leads – more than 35,000 annually – they are typically transferred to the most appropriate seller within three and one-half minutes for further qualification including Configuration, Pricing and Quotes (CPQ). 

Inbound Forms

The InsideOut LDR team also handles 100,000-plus inbound webforms per year of which the expectation is that 80% of those are handled within 90 seconds after submission during regular business hours. Of those webforms that constitute qualified leads – more than 42,000 annually – are routed to the most appropriate inside seller at ADP for further qualification including Configuration, Pricing and Quotes (CPQ).

“If you're looking for a business partner InsideOut will surpass your expectations”
Eric Bruder
Eric Bruder
Director: Strategy & Innovation for ADP

How we achieved these results?

Leveraging our knowledge of the HCM industry

This knowledge enables the LDR teams to begin the sales process sooner, building trust with prospects, as well as introducing prospects to other products and services, facilitating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. The LDR teams follow robust sales motions to ensure the quality of the leads that are passed to ADP’s top sellers are acceptable. Rigorous quality assurance procedures, regular audits, along with coaching and sales training enable the LDR teams to deliver the best customer experience (CX) to ADP’s prospects and existing clients. 

Managing a robust tech stack

InsideOut deploys and maintains Salesforce (a Customer Relationship Management Systems or CRM solution), Salesloft (a Sales Enablement Platform or SEP solution), Drift (a live chat and chatbot platform solution) and Nextiva (a Voice Over IP or VOIP call center solution) to ensure a robust technology stack to scale to the volumes of calls, chats, a webforms received. We continue to provide a production environment sufficiently robust to enable ADP to test and prove (proof-of-concept and solution validation) various technologies before incorporating them into their internally deployed tech stack.

In-depth Monthly Insights

InsideOut provides in-depth monthly insights and ad hoc reporting on actionable and non-actionable items handled by the LDRs. By providing a flexible technology stack, we offer the agility to collect, store and analyze data for ADP that otherwise is not currently captured in their system. Those insights allow for ADP’s executive sponsors to make timely and impactful decisions regarding the quality and volume of their lead generation efforts.

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