Paycor Case Study

Paycor Case Study

Using data-backed insights to build on the success of Paycor's marketing efforts and drive increased conversion rates through sales motions. 

Optimizing and scaling inbound teams to support a faster path to revenue

Industry: Human Capital Management (HCM)

HQ: Cincinnati, Ohio

Target: NAM

Company Overview

Paycor is a human capital management company that provides HR and payroll technology to small and medium-sized organizations. 10 - 1,000 employees is the companies ICP.  Paycor focuses on three specific industries: Healthcare, Retail/Restaurant, and Manufacturing.

Their objectives

Paycor approached InsideOut to help them optimize and then scale their inbound efforts. The goal was to understand which of their marketing campaigns were driving the highest performance, and how to capitalize on those campaigns. They didn’t have reps to handle any inbound function due to promotions, driving an immediate need for capacity.

0 %
calls answered within 20 seconds
total first time appointments (FTA) set
0 %
Of total revenue has been driven by InsideOut
$ 0 m
Closed won directly from InsideOut

How we achieved these results?

It all started with data

InsideOut’s dedicated Business Intelligence resources were engaged to immediately identify long term trends in data. Understanding what campaigns drive the most success, and drive the least success (for marketing) allowed the client to track the most effective ROI. The lower performing campaigns then became subject to change management and allowed experimentation to determine how to bring conversion up.

Experimentation in The Lab

Having reviewed the data we began to apply our learnings and benchmarking data to Paycor’s existing successes and found two key ways to drive increased conversion.

  • We created more aggressive sales motions to pursue MQLs, including increasing the frequency of touch points and taking a more direct tonality. The urgency of our responses matched that of their customers pain points and ICP, consequently driving a higher conversion rate to First Time Appointments (FTAs)

  • InsideOut supported Paycor in accessing and actioning on new data sources, specifically how to engage workable lead sources, allowing for quicker and more effective decision making within the sales process.

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