Live Sales Lab


We build live testing environment within one of our global lab locations. The InsideOut lab team will represent your brand, reaching out to your target customer and prospects, as if they worked for your company. We then test, validate a variety of experiments and ideas in a live environment to identify the performance and output potential of that idea. Testing and validation of your ideas can be completed in weeks or months, depending on whether your idea is a tactical experiment or a massive transformation change.

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When your idea passes the test, our team will document the sales play, process and procedures in an easy to follow operational guide. Every validated technique will be credited to the sales person who originated the idea, and the statistical validation proven in the lab environment. Our playbooks will enhance your team’s performance by giving them new tools, processes and tactics to crush their quota. Just ask our customers!

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You have the right technique. You’ve tested its merit. Now it’s time to activate the new sales plays within your team. The InsideOut lab will build custom curriculum to ensure that the sales play is fully adopted, and our team will provide performance monitoring and adoption scores for each sales person, every week. Imagine a day where every top performing idea is shared and adopted across your sales organization.

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The sales lab has determined new ways to improve your team’s productivity, but you can’t staff fast enough, you don’t have the right people, and now is the time to scale!  Detractors like attrition and change management slow down sales organizations. Let us build a mirrored environment (our people, in your systems) in an agile staffing model, so you have 100% budget utilization and no open territories, ready to scale up and scale down at a moment’s notice. The mirrored environment will be using the lab plays and have been pre-trained within our Academy.

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Mirrored Staffing