Chad Nuss Speaks at TSLA Leadership Conference

Chad Nuss


March 9, 2017

Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Chad Nuss, was featured as a speaker at the Technology Sales Leadership Association's Leadership Conference in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The conference was designed to empower leaders to build a Social Selling practice within their sales organizations. Check out some of Chad's talking points below.


The trend of Social Selling is no longer a tactic that can be ignored. Buyers don’t take your calls and emails anymore, and it is increasingly difficult to develop a cold prospect into a warm opportunity using traditional tactics. This transformational use of LinkedIn as an outreach tactic is paramount to the success of any sales organization and must be developed into a strategic asset by sales leaders.


The challenge sales leaders face is the implementation of new tactics like Social Selling into their sales organizations. There is nothing more frustrating than consistently missing a sales quota because of outdated techniques and unproductive activities. Sales executives struggle implementing Social Selling approaches in their organization because experimentation in a ‘live environment’ can also have a negative impact on revenue.

Validating Techniques

At the InsideOut Sales Innovation Lab, we assist Fortune 500 companies with the implementation of Social Selling techniques into existing sales process and workflows. We do this by testing LinkedIn techniques such as InMail, Connect Requests, and Messages in a mirrored lab environment to determine and validate:

  1. The best approach to utilization of LinkedIn as a strategic selling tool
  2. Social engagement techniques that have the highest conversion rate
  3. Timing and cadence of Social engagement techniques coupled with traditional tactics
  4. Value proposition validation to buyer persona and ideal customer profile via social engagement
  5. Content publishing and collection tactics to engage buyers in an informed discussion

Playbook Delivery

Once these techniques have been tested and validated, InsideOut documents each validated Social Selling technique into a comprehensive playbook that is shared with sales personnel. The validated playbook will instruct each sales person on how to leverage the Social Selling techniques as part of the day-to-day tactics, reinforcing these new techniques into their traditional methods.


Sharing success in the Social Selling playbook by highlighting key deals and prospecting success stories utilizing the new techniques accelerates adoption across the sales organization. The development of compensation programs to incent sales to continue to utilize the new techniques is an added benefit for sales executives to complete the transformation from the traditional ‘old school’ techniques to newer social engagement tactics.

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