Spotlight on St. Pete Tech: InsideOut


May 17, 2017 | St. Pete is for Tech

St. Pete is for Tech is a publication aimed at a shining a light on the growing tech hub within the St. Pete Area.

They shined their light on InsideOut and sat down with us to discuss the part we aim to play in the area's growth.


InsideOut is a downtown St. Petersburg sales innovation lab, co-founded by Chad Nuss and Christina Cherry. The company has roots in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and it aims to bring that passion and experience to St. Petersburg’s downtown: creating high tech jobs and growth opportunities for its employees.


The company has quickly left its mark on St. Pete’s downtown area, promoting a culture of “make more, live more” philosophy that parallels with the ‘sun shines here’ philosophy. “St. Petersburg enables our company to build a culture that is progressive and fun, just like our downtown area”, stated Chad Nuss, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer.

InsideOut’s Sales Innovation Lab is designed to assist high growth tech companies with sales optimization. Its Sales Innovation Lab helps sales leaders determine and validate the best approach to acquire, grow or retain their customer base. Sales executives struggle innovating in their organizations because experimentation in a ‘live environment’ can have a negative impact on sales quota and revenue. InsideOut works with everything from Fortune 500 companies to small startups to test, measure, and validate the best way to sell to their customers.

“You’d be surprised how many companies have great ideas about how they want to sell to their customers, but never have the time to implement those great ideas. At InsideOut, our sales innovation lab helps those sales leaders test and measure in a live environment, then deploy and train once that ‘right’ idea has the intended outcome” stated Nuss. InsideOut works with clients like ADP, IBM, Autodesk, and Google.  InsideOut additionally helps start-ups and high growth companies to achieve the same scale as these Fortune 500 companies.  Through their clients, InsideOut has reported influencing over $350M in new revenue for its clients over the past 2 years, and it is aiming to top the $500M mark by 2018!

InsideOut is rapidly growing in its St. Petersburg location, hiring over 30 new employees in the past 60 days, and still growing, poised to be one of the fastest growing companies in our downtown area. Their employees thrive in the downtown environment, and can enjoy a local job that enables them to work for some of the biggest tech leaders on the planet. If you are interested in joining a fast paced start-up environment, you can find out more about InsideOut on their web site at

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