The Latest Trends

Our Sales Innovation Lab is dedicated to staying ahead of the trends, so much so that sometimes we even create new ones. We implement these latest and greatest internally and then focus our efforts to evaluating their effect on the following three key areas:

Funnel Management

Our Accelerators collaborate with our team of data analysts to test the trend's affect on quality, velocity, and optimization internally and externally, leveraging data from our teams and our clients’ sales teams. In doing so, they benchmark the effectiveness of the trend on funnel management, providing critical recommendations for updates to the social engagement process.

Tech Stack Integration

As tech savvy Social Selling pioneers, our Accelerators have benchmarked over 50+ technologies, from which we have hand selected and integrated the forerunners. Their experiments have resulted in 3 unique turnkey and pre-configured social engagement sales stacks that our clients’ can leverage with our Accelerators or their agents to optimize sales efforts. With the rise of a trend, they research the ease at which the workflow can be modified to optimize the tech stack's potential.

Cadence Implementation

As a group of marketing and Social Selling experts, we aspire to uncover the ever-evolving formula for account targeting success, so needless to say, we love to understand how latest trends are impacting the way our Accelerators can establish optimal relationships. In knowing who to contact, when to contact them, and what to talk to them about, they can deliver the most efficient and relevant buyer journey at the accounts our clients’ wish to bring into their pipelines.