Consultancy Process

Our Consultancy Process

Our consultancy service powers the evolution of exceptional inside sales teams. Our proven process supports organizations in continually assessing and improving their strategies.


Our Consultancy Process

Phase 1

The Groundwork for Growth

As a starting point, we work with you to understand the inner workings of your business and sales operation. This includes: establishing goals and objectives, understanding Ideal Customer/Buyer Persona and confirming the direction of our partnership.
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Phase 2 COnsultancy
Phase 2

Apples with Apples

Our experts analyze your organization’s existing Plays/Motions against our comparative benchmarking data and industry best practices. We determine where success is already prevalent in your existing processes, and where areas need to be enhanced. 
Phase 3

Actioning Insights

Based on our findings and analysis, we begin the development of new Plays/Motions. Our insights can be applied to your existing messaging, or we can build from scratch. 
Phase 3 Consultancy
Phase 4 Consultancy
Phase 4

Rinse & Repeat

Once our insights have been applied, we wait a full 6-8 weeks for a comprehensive “analysis period”, before reviewing the full effects and determining the next steps. Analyze. Apply. Action. 
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