We understand that outsourcing might not be right for you. However, if you still want to see improvements in your sales funnel with regards to effectiveness and performance, we offer a comprehensive 3-Part Lab Report that assists in deploying Sales Innovation Lab and Social Selling techniques across your organization.

To build such a report, we utilize our spin on the scientific method, analyzing your company's current state, experimenting with our Accelerators, and helping align and implement the consequent results. Our team of analysts, technologists, and marketers leverage the discoveries to help craft your game-changing sales process: building your playbook, making recommendations for your technology stack, providing buyer persona content, and training and certifying your agents.

These benefits are achieved through the following three segments and are offered with two different pricing models to fit your companies needs, (1) a 'quick look' and (2) an 'ongoing workup'. The offerings will empower your team to become social accelerators, building the relationships required within their target accounts.

The first component of our

Detailed Analysis

To create the most accurate and relevant Lab Report playbook for your company and sales team we begin with a comprehensive ‘10-point inspection’. This ‘deep-dive’ period of observation and discovery helps set the stage for everything else moving forward. Our discovery period focuses on the following aspects of your current process:

  1. Technology Stack
  2. Cadence & Timing
  3. Buyer Journey Mapping
  4. Messaging & Scripting
  5. Sales Skill Evaluation
  6. Resource Deployment & Alignment
  7. Data Quality & Sourcing
  8. Marketing
  9. Goals & KPIs
  10. Company culture

This information is gathered through a number of different techniques—observations, discussions, mystery shops, and one-on-ones. Once we have determined your current benchmark, we help you reach optimal potential by playbook creation and alignment.

Experimental Playbook

Once our team has gathered all the necessary information, the experimentation and development work begins. Using the research gathered from our discovery period, our team leverages its experience to create just the right playbook for you.

Each component of the discovery period follows a standard sequence as it journeys into the playbook:

  • Outcome
  • Recommendations
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Tactical Deployment
  • Tactics
  • Timetable

While the development of these playbooks uses a consistent framework, the content is completely bespoke to you and your brand.

Once the development of the playbook is complete we shift our focus to tactical deployment. Our training specialists begin with a company-wide alignment session as well as individual team meetings. We focus on helping you establish strategic alignment to determine the best team members to ensure the findings are brought to the floor. This increases ownership and buy-in across multiple silos and creates a communication framework company wide.


Routine Checkup

We do our best to ensure that the playbook we deliver is easy to implement. However, we recognize that our clients have unique structures that may yield unexpected results. To best address any inconsistencies, we dedicate a portion of our process to ongoing evaluation of implementation and adoption, providing additional recommendations for enhancement.

We base our process enhancements on the velocity and optimization of training, execution, innovation, and return on investment in the following areas:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Through our routine checkups, we are able to pinpoint the areas that are working and the ones that are not. We then focus our efforts primarily on the areas of need, locating what is potentially causing the issue and taking it through a phase of re-engineering. This prevents any alterations from having ripple effects and helps make everyone aware in the realignment with regards to the new changes.

Empower Your Team


  • Ideal for incremental change or gap analysis.
  • 2 days onsite for inspection and playbook development
  • 1 day onsite for checkup
  • Snapshot of current state
  • Recommendations and tactics
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  • Ideal for large-scale change and process re-architecture.
  • Monthly and continuous
  • 'Deeper dive' across all segments
  • In-depth analysis over time
  • Management of change throughout
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