With the countless hours spent testing, measuring, and leveraging proven sales techniques and tech stacks, it should come as no surprise that we are the forerunner in sales innovation and sales optimization, and you have made the right choice in letting us take charge.

Our outsourced engagement solutions start with our Accelerators, true experts in igniting relationships with your target accounts.

To make the most of our Accelerators, we have a selection of value add services that will contribute to an optimized pipeline, adding immense value and revenue to your organization.

InsideOut's agents, Accelerators are the driving force behind our sales innovation lab


Our agents, known as Accelerators, are trained in the latest sales practices and in our clients’ product or service. We have three different types of Accelerators that specialize in certain areas of funnel optimization. To accomplish agreed levels of achievement, our Accelerators deliver a high volume of sales activities to penetrate your target accounts, including but not limited to: Calls, Emails, LinkedIn Messages, InMails, Posts, Comments, Likes, and Shares.

Their knowledge, coupled with proven approaches, is supplemented with one of three pre-integrated sales technology stacks. The tech stack is based on the area of funnel optimization. Not only do we pre-integrate these stacks, but we also work with your team to define each of the custom configuration elements required during the setup and onboarding phase.


  • I need help with target account research.
  • Account-Based Research
  • Decision Maker Identification
  • Buyer Pre-Qualification
  • Account Profiling + Mapping
  • Find Prospects
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  • I need help closing deals in my pipeline.
    STANDARD Features +
  • Solution Selling
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Quotation and Demonstration
  • Deal Management + Customer Success
  • Close Sales
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Value Add Services

Strategic Planning

Offered for initial buildout and ongoing assessment, these consultation sessions are offered to assist you with your analysis and planning to construct your desired program. Together, we evaluate your existing materials to eliminate any gaps in any of the following areas:

  • Go-to-market planning & product positioning
  • Setup & implementation of sales stack technologies
  • Account targeting database buildout
  • Database & list management
  • LinkedIn Profile setup
  • Ideal customer profile definition
  • Buyer persona definition
  • Key value propositions
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Lead distribution rules to your sales team
The sales innovation lab offers advanced Strategic Planning as a value add service to our Accelerators
The sales innovation lab offers advanced Content Strategy as a value add service to our Accelerators

Content Strategy

True to the latest trends, our Sales Innovation Lab has proven that content marketing plays a critical role in sales professionals’ success. We offer two types of marketing services (1) content collection and (2) content creation to build a library of relevant content for our Accelerators to specifically engage target accounts and buyer personas through outbound activities.

With our content collection services, our marketing specialists dedicate time to work with your team to gather all published content. They review the library to provide additional insight and recommendations to your team to create a more balanced publishing strategy.

If you do not have a strong existing library, we offer content creation services, in which our specialists work to establish a specific marketing strategy that parallels the efforts of our Accelerators.

Business Intelligence

Our advanced reporting services include weekly business review meetings to address key performance indicators and prospecting analysis to ensure maximum output of deliverables.

In such reviews, we address topics such as:

  • Key statistics
  • Targets versus Actual
  • Prospecting Data
  • Data Summary
  • Data Segmentation
  • Progress Tracker
  • Voice of Customer
  • Action Tracker
The sales innovation lab offers advanced Business Intelligence as a value add service to our Accelerators