insideout June 2, 2016 Process, Strategy, Technology

What’s This Velocity Thing All About?

Why velocity is so important but shouldn’t be confused with speed. In this day and age, we want everything to move faster: our food, the internet, the line at the coffee shop. ...

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insideout May 5, 2016 Process, Social Selling, Strategy, Technology

Take 2 & Call Me in the Morning

2 Proven Techniques to Enhance Velocity “You are free choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” It should come as no surprise, but sales development ...

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insideout July 23, 2015 Process, Strategy

Need for Speed?

3 key benchmarks for sales funnel performance (live from Del Mar!) I was at the Del Mar Fairgrounds last week in San Diego, where the surf meets the turf! Inspired by the ...

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