The Sales Play™

Increase buyer engagement with our winning formula.

Personalization at Scale

Enabling your sales team to drive personalized messaging at scale. Seems impossible? Our proprietary sales play development process will help you gather, store and monitor the best sales plays to your target buyer. We’ll help you define what works, what doesn’t so you can share across the entire sales organization. Like a centralized sales brain, working to help you target your buyer.
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A Programming Language for Revenue

We’re bringing the engineering process to sales. We’ll program your sales organization’s common language, manage your play production and release process, ensuring every message to your buyer meets your specifications.

Lives Everywhere Your Sales People Go

No need to buy an additional platform, we’ll install our sales plays right into your native sales application. Our sales plays can be delivered in a cadence, a sequence, a playbook – you name it, we’ll install it.

The SmartPlay™ - leave the work to us.

We’ll deliver the end-to-end process to create, build and deliver highly curated messaging by our sales strategy consultants and content designers. We’ll manage the release cycles, content reviews and approval, so you can get back to your day job, driving revenue (not writing sales cadences).