The Test Lab

We Test. You Learn. You Win.

Generate Results

Certify every sales play.

You can’t afford to get it wrong. Our expert sales teams will test your sales plays in our lab environment, and make sure they work first! We represent your brand to your target buyers, and execute A/B testing of sales plays to see what resonates or adjust the plan to make sure you get it right. We’ll test the messages, steps, media types, distance and intervals while generating pipeline and revenue for your sales team. Our sales experts will validate and certify sales plays by attempting to beat your internal KPI benchmarks. Our lab operations team will quantify the expected uplift in pipeline and revenue for each certified play.

Reduce the Risk

Leverage experts to make decisions.

Stop, collaborate and listen. It takes a symphony of scientists and artists to deliver a successful sales play: sales operations, revenue intelligence, enablement, and experienced sellers. Our senior lab operations unit will work directly with you to determine the quality of every sales play, and ensure that you understand the voice of customer to make informed decisions about how to adjust your route to market planning.

Get Proof

Evaluate technology before you buy.

Try before you buy. Our sales technology partners work with us to make sure you can experience the value of their product in a proof of concept. Software partners give us the licenses and we create the sandbox to test and measure the expected productivity or revenue uplift. We will help you configure and implement the software, install our sales plays, and deploy to your sales team to quantify if it reaches the KPIs you require to make an informed technology purchase decision.