How Valuable Is Your Time?

March 18, 2016

Just take a second and think: “what is my time worth?”

I know that I personally hate spending time wrapped up in slow, inefficient, and draining activities. I value my time, and quite frankly myself more than that, and I hope you do too.

With that said, there are some activities that just cannot be avoided. For instance, it takes thousands of activities every month to find the right decision maker at your target accounts. However, efficient sales people leverage technology, organization, and speed as weapons in their prospecting arsenal. If you don’t have a weapon, you need to get one – or just hire Dog the Bounty Hunter’s right hand man!

Sales FunnelAfter conducting some tests in our innovation lab, we determined that for every 100 accounts in your Account Based Marketing list, it takes an average of 2,700 activities, or 27 activities per Account…that’s 1.5 months of sales activity just to validate and connect with 100 decision makers.

To avoid draining our sales talent, capability, and most importantly quota, our team at InsideOut leverages a combination of technologies and processes to delivery velocity metrics to achieve the results our require for a rapid Outbound Sales Machine some of which include:

  • 100 Decision Makers Identified / Hour
  • 25 Outbound Engagement Emails Sent / Hour
  • 10 Live Connections / Hour
  • 85% Call to Connect Ratio

These benchmark best practices for prospecting allow us to generate 2-3X the output. To maintain and exceed these levels, our sales agents (also known as accelerators) are continuously fine-tuning and developing their skills in the following areas:

(1) Optimal Use of Sales Technologies

There are so many technologies to leverage in a prospecting stack, SalesLoft, KiteDesk, Datanyze,, to name a few. The challenge is not the technologies themselves but rather their usage and adoption.

Our Recommendation

Sit with your sales reps and help them master which technologies to utilize and how to best implement them given the target market, persona, and approach.

(2) Maximized Organization of Schedule

The best sales people plan their work and work their plan. Those that jump from one task to the next, email to web to call to research, are losing efficiencies and wasting time.

Our Recommendation

Develop work streams for your sales agents. Separate tasks into work streams to generate higher productive behaviors, i.e. spend 1 hour on research – repeat the same task over and over again, then move to the next one. Don’t jump around.

(3) Continuous Redefining of Benchmark Metrics

It is important to set the current velocity metrics in your sales organization in order to make a determination of the performance gap between the current benchmark and the industry best practice.

Our Recommendation

Pick 5 current state velocity metrics and document the process or playbook that is currently being utilized. Develop new processes and leverage new technologies to ensure that you create faster velocity metrics.

If your time is valuable to you, then deploy these tactics internally immediately. In adopting new technologies and processes, you will instantly see improvements in speed, efficiency, and effectiveness that will continue to create new benchmarks for your organization.