Developing a Collective Sales Philosophy, Together

January 15, 2016

In Plato and Aristotle’s world…philosophy was something people did together. You talked, you listened, you argued, you agreed. You tried to see things from your friend’s point of view. You tried to live up to your teacher’s example. You pushed your friends when their efforts slackened, and they pushed you. -Eric Greitens, Resilience

To be successful sales persons, to be successful persons in general, it’s imperative that we develop our own unique philosophy, not the type of philosophy that is “a discipline about writing clever papers,” but instead a discipline about deliberately taking actions that make us uncomfortable.

With these uncomfortable actions come incredible growth, growth significant enough to not only live well but to also achieve at the highest level. To optimize this potential growth, it is critical that as teams, we develop a philosophy together. From this philosophy, best practices emerge, allowing for continuous innovation and acceleration, especially in sales.

That said, it is absolutely crucial to collaborate with your teammates – yes, aim to crush them in activity, achievement, and quality every month, but do so in a way that drives the team, “the together,” forward. As we push our teammates by means of competition and allow them to push us, we move the needle and get one step closer to understanding our philosophy.

In theory, it all sounds great, doesn’t it? But we know the world isn’t always as simply as words make it seem. So take action. Host team meetings, talk about issues, listen to progressions, argue about tactics, agree on best practice.

I’m excited to say that our team at InsideOut has latched on to this togetherness of philosophical development. To put it all into practice, each Friday, beginning today, we will host a panel in which our agents will try to see things from one another’s point of view. These open-ended discussions will focus on anything from perfecting a pitch to implementing probing questions. At the start of each week, we will publish our collective updated philosophy.

We look forward to sharing as we grow together and hope that you too will live up to the best practices of Plato and Aristotle.